Parent and Sibling Family Support Groups

Our Family Support Groups help and encourage families as they support their children. It is a great opportunity to meet others who understand the ups and downs and help guide you. Together, we will explore various topics and issues - all guided by an experienced mental health counselor.

A Safe Place Where you can Share Experiences

Florida Family Support provides a safe place where family members can share experiences, find support, learn new techniques, and make friends with other parents and siblings who understand your unique situation.

Sessions run for 6 weeks and are available during the evening or on Saturday. Every session provides a new topic to learn and share.

  • Put you together with others sharing your same challenges.
  • Provide an environment to share, discuss, learn, and get professional advice.
  • Training for siblings, family members, and caregivers.
  • Demonstrate skills and build the confidence needed to help your children deal with situations at school and life outside of the home.

For more information call us at: 305-305-6367

Our Commitment

Our founder, Natalia Perez, believes family to be integral to the support of the child. At Florida Family Support, we commit to creating a supportive community focused on training, sharing experience, building confidence, and strengthening the family relationship.

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