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A sports program
designed for kids and adolescents of all abilities

What is In Motion?

In Motion is a sports program that is designed to provide equal access to physical education and exercise for individuals with varying abilities. It provides a variety of program designs with adaptable routines, created by individuals with years of experience working with children of all abilities.  In Motion  is unique in its ability to provide adaptive exercise by using a 2:1 child to adult ratio.  The program utilizes visual aids to promote independence and presents physical activity in a fun and engaging way. The team at In Motion is educated not only in the fundamentals of exercise and their break down but also the behavioral and learning needs of those enrolled in the program.


Group Lessons

Personal Training

Field Work

This program  will focus on building an outdoor fitness routine that can be done anywhere. Each week kids will learn a new component and build a routine that works best for them. Kids will be taught the foundational skills for a full body workout. Each exercise will be broken down to teach technique and variations to enable optimal participation. 

Sports Clinics

This program is ideal for individuals who are looking to increase their overall fitness while learning the fundamental skills of various sports. It includes opportunities for children to develop their ability to work in a team setting and break down the workouts, warmups and drills that accompany team sports.

Personal Training

Private Lessons

One on one coaching is ideal for those looking to learn how to work out on their own, in the gym or outdoor setting. These sessions will be tailored to meet a child’s individual needs and will move at the pace that is right for them. 



Getting Started

An individual assessment is conducted for each participant to ensure the best placement to suit their needs and abilities before beginning the program. The various fitness tracks run on a 6-session cycle with group sessions offered weekly.  With a maximum of 6 participants in each group, the team can ensure that each child’s individual needs are being met. Personal training sessions are customized based on the performance level and endurance of the child.

We are so excited to offer an introductory rate for all new clients.  Please complete the quick form below and a member of our team will reach out to you.  

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