Respite Care

Empowering Parents, Enriching Lives:
Respite Services for Children with Special Needs

Take a well-deserved break and trust that your child is in capable hands with our trained respite care providers. Our in-home care gives you peace of mind while you recharge.

Parenting a child with special needs is a special job. Taking care of your child includes taking care of yourself and allowing yourself a break when you need one. 

Our respite services are designed to provide relief to primary caregivers with peace of mind. Finding appropriate childcare can be difficult. It can be overwhelming to explain your child’s variety of needs to an untrained provider. Though respite services are not an ABA session,  your respite provider will know so much more about your child’s needs and current goals prior to arriving for your planned respite service. 

Our respite care providers are trained in the different styles of communication, preventive strategies, behavior management and reinforcement techniques. You can trust that your child will be in capable hands and will receive the highest quality of in-home care.

Our specially trained behavior technicians/ RBTs will take on the role of a caretaker and stay with your child while you take a break, for as much or as little time as you need. We want to be there to help you feel at ease knowing that your child is safe and properly engaged while you recharge.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care is defined as the transfer of primary caregiving responsibilities to another person, typically a professional caregiver, relative or friend, for primary caregivers to receive temporary relief from caregiving responsibilities.

Respite care can take many forms – some family caregivers choose to have someone take on caregiver duties for a short period of time on a scheduled day regularly while other schedule this time as needed.

Florida Family Support now offers a customized service to families currently receiving other services through our agency. We want to give our family caregivers the ability to take a well-deserved break. Our specially trained team will provide these services to your family in your own homes. Engaging your child in intellectual, physical and emotional interactions that make this time enjoyable for them as well.


Do you provide transportation?

Florida Family Support staff do not provide transportation to or from any location during the respite service stay.

How long is a typical respite stay?

Respite care is for a temporary, very short term, period of relief. Respite stays that are longer than 4 hours will require special consideration, discussion and planning.

Can respite be planned on weekend days?

Yes. Respite care can be planned on any day based on availability.

What if I cannot be reached when my child is sick?

If you will not be immediately available then you must designate a person who will be available in the case of emergency, or in the rare case that respite must be ended. The designated person’s name, relationship to you and contact information must be clearly communicated to the FFS staff and provided in writing.

Can a sibling, therapist, or family friend relieve the respite provider?

Yes, with parents’ permission any responsible adult 18 years of age or older can relieve the respite provider. This person must be aware that s/he will be responsible for counting medications with staff, signing the forms, and completing the body check.

Can sibling be present during a respite day?

Siblings over the age of  13 can be present but will not be supervised by the respite care provider. Respite care is designed to be individualized due to the higher level of supervision and support needed for the individual child with special needs.

Is this service covered by insurance?

No. Unfortunately, this is a private pay program only.

Is this a grant based program?

No. This program is available only through private pay.

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